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Acquiring a Party Bus Rental? Know These Things before Making the Move

Party Bus Rental
Mar 2017
Acquiring a Party Bus Rental? Know These Things before Making the Move

Getting a party bus rental only means you have to get a vehicle in top-working condition. This doesn’t only calls for experience, but some other factors as well that should be keenly observed before deciding to hire a selected bus. So let’s study the tips that will help you hire a party bus at fair rates without compromising the experience and comfort throughout the ride.

  1. Inspect the capacity

It’s an obvious fact not only a party bus but every vehicle has a defined capacity for accommodating a limited number of people. But let’s not forget some people have the habit to come out at the 11th hour. Before you hire the bus, determine a solid number of guests that will be traveling with you. For risk-free results or as a contingency plan, hire a party bus that has a capacity to hold a few extra people than your final count. This will be a reasonable option to accommodate everyone without needing to affect the comfort space. Remember, transportation service providers may include the clause of the number of people you have fixed to ride along. While increasing the count uninformed can result in void of contract.

  1. Visit the bus in person

Never make the mistake of hiring a vehicle without visiting and inspecting the bus physically. The only case considered exceptional is if you have hired the same vehicle before and are a long-term client of the transportation provider. Remember, watching a party bus in HD images has very much to do with professional photography, but witnessing the same vehicle in person might not be the same prospect. A reliable and well-known company is not hesitant in allowing its clients to inspect their party buses before renting.

  1. Ready a contract

Ask the company to prepare a user-friendly contract stating every possible fee clearly in the content. One of the biggest frustrations and arguments arise when clients tend to come across a hidden fee structure they didn’t ask for before closing the deal. The point is to keep the contents in the contract as simple and easy-to-grasp as possible. After obtaining a clear quote in advance, you won’t have to worry about meeting some uncertain instances that could possibly devastate your fun-filled experience.

  1. Split costs in advance

A major reason to save the actual cost in advance is you will have sufficient time to divide the costs of each traveler that’s paying. Although if the complete expense is totally onto you, then there’s no reason to stress on this factor. It’s normal for many limo and party bus service providers asking for the submission of an upfront cost, so better approach prepared. But if the payment is of every-man-for-himself nature and requires splitting, then collect the payment from each traveler before the due date arriving in order to protect yourself from future embarrassment and cancellation of the hired vehicle.

  1. Acknowledge alcohol laws

The alcohol restrictions does not apply on people of age 21 or above. But if the travelers you intend to ride together in the rental party bus are of both 21+ and below 21 age group, then you’ll need to employ a chaperone. The purpose of the chaperone provided as your own or staffed by the transportation provider is to supervise whether any youngster is consuming an alcoholic beverage. A singed agreement registering the age of each traveler and asking for a chaperone must be presented quite some days before the arrival of the event.

This law is applied for the state of California, but even if you are planning an event in some other state, then inquire about the laws of alcohol consumption accordingly.

  1. Prefer quality over inexpensiveness

Renting a party bus might not be exactly affordable or cheap for most of the clients. But in case of dividing the costs, the burden loosens and everyone is able to go to the event with ease and relief. Although it does not mean the client should get attracted by the low rates of an economical service provider. Jot down the disadvantages what a cheaper-than-usual party bus service can deliver, not to mention being untidy, showing up late, having technical issues, and more.


Agreeably top-notch party buses tend to cost expensive or most likely moderately-expensive, but you also get to enjoy smooth and stainless floors, classy interior décor, quality sound systems, custom or themed lighting, etc. It’s easy, you get all the above benefits only if you locate and hire the right transportation service provider and comply with the company in all appropriate situations.

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