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Make the most out of your concert or game night:

The most anticipated concert is just around the corner, or it could be that game you’ve been waiting all season. Make the most of your night out. Gather your friends, and have the time of your life in one of our 5 passenger SUV. These are the same SUVs that celebrities use! Enjoy the ride to the concert by having a drink with your friends in our limo while we drive you there.

No more traffic blues:

You don’t have to fret about getting stuck in traffic or deal with the frustration of being blocked on the highway. The perfect limo in Redlands can understand you’ve been waiting all year for this special night, and our chauffeurs make it a personal mission to ensure that you are offered the best limo service in town. Our chauffeurs are highly experienced professionals who are great at time management, thus we guarantee that you’ll reach your venue on time. We plan and anticipating for possible traffic jams, this enables us to provide our passengers with timely, reliable and safe transportation.

Pre-concert or post-concert limo service:

If you are planning to attend a pre-concert/ post-concert party or need to attend a post-game party. Redlands limo service can help. We are ready to shuttle you to your desired location. We have packages available that cater to your needs. We respect your privacy and our chauffeurs are trained to be sensitive to your needs.

All types of vehicles are available:

Whether you need an executive SUV, stretch Limo or a party bus, we’ve got you covered. Our party bus limo can accommodate up to 20 individuals. However, if you are expecting more people, we can setup a special package just for you. We will help you create a lasting memory.

CALL NOW: (909) 328-4605