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Valentine’s Day – Romantic Limousine Plans

Jan 2018
Valentine’s Day – Romantic Limousine Plans

Valentine’s Day is the day of romance. It’s your only chance to show someone how much you care about them. (No pressure, no?) For hours, the choice of the place, the choice of the bouquet, the choice of the dress, the reservation, so why settle for a race of the second stage? A valentine day ride can create the perfect romantic surprise! Whether it’s the excitement of a romantic evening or the luxurious end of a day, the elegant comfort of one of our Valentines sedans is a great way to shine.

Whether you are a romantic traditions who prefers roses and desserts, or an adventurous lover for something a little off the wall like a sunny day and surfing followed by a barbecue on the beach, it has it all.. But when it comes to transportation, these limousines can do it all for you.

More and more couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by booking limousines for the entire month. Create unforgettable memories by surprising your special person with a luxury limousine with driver or limousine.

Our Valentine Limousine offers you the most qualified drivers and the latest luxury vehicles to make your Valentine’s Day a special and unforgettable moment.

Luxury does not stop there. The romantic package includes two nights in a spacious superior double room Occupation, à la carte breakfast, 2-hour visit to Bellini, limousine transfer to the city
Transfers to the airport or train station. Alternatively, if customers use their own car,
Parking in the hotel’s underground car park is free. The gourmet is also included
Four-course meal with water and coffee. A surcharge applies when choosing the hotel
There is no strict rule against your friends’ participation in the V-Day celebration, but make sure your partner agrees. And if your relationship is somehow new, it’s a fun and easy way to reduce the pressure. If you do not really like parties, hang some sticky decorations, tell your BYOB guests and let the good times roll. Of course, it also works if you are single.

Sappy love poems and nerd-rooms exist for a reason, but they are not for everyone. Forget the hearts and the roses this year and center your Valentine on one of your common interests and that of your half. Whether it’s a city, a television program or a favorite sports team, try the theme for maximum fun. Not to forget that night planning will be half the fun, if you are both enthusiastic.

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